I'm new to QuantConnect and python (in process of learning). I'm used to algo trading on Tradestation using their Easy language script. I want to test my algo's here but I'm having a hard time to find relavent information on the type of HFT code I'm looking for (probably due to being new to python). Wondering if someone can help me with a working sample code based on the logic mentioned below, so I can edit and make changes as needed.

[0] - current minute, [-1] - previous mintue, and so on


If low[-1] > high[-2] & low[-1] > high[-3] & (rsi (Resloution = minutes) between 25 and 30) & (ema 20 < ema 50 (Resloution = minutes)) then buy at next bar/minute open, and sell after 5 minutes


The basic jist I want to understand from the above logic is, 

- how to work with minute resolution high low open close data (also if possible can you comment on how I can switch to a 5 minute resolution), 

- incorporating indicators on a minute resolution (I have seen code with daily resolution but not minute ) and 

- ability to sell after a certain amount of time has passed.


 I'm sorry for the trouble, and thank you in advance. :)