During the day, ScheduledUniverseSelectionModel is very inconsistent.

I attached an algorithm that should in theory have the following symbols in the universe at the following times:

Only AAPL and IBM at 1PM, only AMD at 4PM and TSLA wherever else.

But that is unfortunately not the case :(

So at 00:00 TSLA is added ✅

At 13:00 TSLA is removed and replaced by AAPL and IBM ✅

At 14:00 TSLA is added back but AAPL and IBM are NOT removed.

At 16:00 AMD is added but nothing was removed again.

next day

13:00 AMD and TSLA are finally removed and replaced by AAPL and IBM ✅

14:00 only TSLA is left ✅

16:00 AMD is added but TSLA is still there

and the cycle repeats.