I'm curious about some of the finer details of the new changes.

1. Is the licensing still on a per month basis?

2. At 100/100 allocation does the bid price start moving up to match the market demand? If so, in what increments?  

3. If 2, then what happens to current licensees? Are they required to pay the new market price to keep their allocation?  If they don't does their allocation go to the highest bidder at the start of the next month?

4. At the default price of $3.00 per allocation slot does this equate to $300/month for a full allocation? 

5. Lets say I like a strategy.  Can I subscribe? If so, do I link my trading account?  If I'm already trading one of my own strategies, do I need to branch my account within my brokerage or do the licensed insights work simultaneously with my own live strategy?

I tried looking through Interesting and Newest but didnt' find a thread about this.  If there's already an FAQ out there somewhere I would love to read it.