I am trying LEAN CLI. I found in 'symbol-properties-database.csv', there are already lots of binance coin already, like below:

binance,AAVEBKRW,crypto,AAVEBKRW,BKRW,1,1.00000000,0.00100000,AAVEBKRW binance,AAVEBNB,crypto,AAVEBNB,BNB,1,0.00010000,0.01000000,AAVEBNB binance,AAVEBTC,crypto,AAVEBTC,BTC,1,0.00000100,0.01000000,AAVEBTC  Also in lean.json, I can see below:// binance configuration "binance-api-secret": "", "binance-api-key": "",  But when i backtest in main.py as below,self.SetBrokerageModel(BrokerageName.BINANCE, AccountType.Cash)I still got below error:20210407 01:23:55.053 TRACE:: BacktestingResultHandler(): Sample Period Set: 21.96 20210407 01:23:55.056 TRACE:: Config.GetValue(): forward-console-messages - Using default value: True 20210407 01:23:55.971 ERROR:: Engine.Run(): During the algorithm initialization, the following exception has occurred: AttributeError : type object 'BrokerageName' has  no attribute 'BINANCE' at Initialize self.SetBrokerageModel(BrokerageName.BINANCE in main.py:line 31 AttributeError : type object 'BrokerageName' has no attribute 'BINANCE' So does it mean LEAN still hardcode bitfinex and coinbase pro and cannot support binance yet. Or there are some work around?  Thanks,henry