Hi everyone, 

I'm a newbie here and I have something more than a basic knowledge of Python but I can't seem to get a graps on Quantconnect. Usually I rely a lot on Stackoverflow whenever I have doubts but with Quantconnect this is not possible as there is too little out there to fish from. 

Well... I am trying to learn how to use it and I am trying to create an algo based on this strategy I found on YouTube. 


My idea was to start with one strategy and then let the algo scan the markets for oportunities on the most common pairs. Also the other idea was to connect it directly with one of the brokers already integrated in Quantconnect (no preferences there) and then tweak and adjust, after backtesting, the take profit strategy.

I would use this algo to papertrade for 2-3 months and then maybe put some real money into it and see how it does. It seems super promising, but then again... it's YouTube, so I don't completely trust it. 

Can anybody help? Thanks.