Hello everyone,

We’ve recently made changes to streamline and consolidate alternative data types for distribution via the Data Market.

Starting today (Lean v2.5.12525), alternative data types provided by QuantConnect and partnered data vendors will be made available under the “QuantConnect.DataSource” namespace, including new additions to the data market.

The following data sources have been migrated to the new namespace:

  * BenzingaNews

  * CBOE

  * Fred

  * QuiverCongress

  * QuiverEventsBeta

  * QuiverWallStreetBets

  * QuiverWikipedia

  * SECReport8K

  * SECReport10K

  * SECReport10Q

  * SmartInsiderIntention

  * SmartInsiderTransaction

  * TiingoNews

  * USEnergy

  * USTreasuryYieldCurveRate


All data types that have been migrated have the same name as before and are now automatically imported, so no changes except removing the previous import(s) are necessary.


To remove the previous imports, look for any import statements containing "QuantConnect.Data.Custom" and remove the lines (examples: Python - "from QuantConnect.Data.Custom.USEnergy import *", C# - "using QuantConnect.Data.Custom.USEnergy;").