1. Yesterday, I had a huge headache trying to figure out where an exception throwing bug happened, since line numbers aren't shown on callstack in Mono, and (this appears like a bug on LeanEngine's side) Log/Debug output in the event handling method prior to the exception did not appear. I.e. Log("this"); would simply not print anything, if there was an exception happening after it. In this case, exception was thrown inside a constructor (higher up on the call stack). I speculate that the log streams get killed by the exception propagating out of my event handler and do not flush, but I haven't read LE's code yet.

2. Currently having a scheduled event being triggered multiple times (about once per minute), after being scheduled with the following:

Schedule.On(DateRules.EveryDay("SPY"), TimeRules.AfterMarketOpen("SPY", 5), UpdatePortfolio);

Maybe this means "trigger every minute, starting 5 minutes after market open"? Either that, or the particular fact the called method throws an exception in live mode (due to another bug) makes the system retry the event call. Of course this is a less significant error that I can fix on my own, but I figured I might as well ask since I'm posting the above issue anyway.