I'm seeing a lot of signs that indicate that this platform is one that I can make great use of, however I'm not seeing a lot of documentation that will assist me in getting up and started and some of the questions I have are seemingly basic.

Can you detail exactly how to execute the toolbox project?  I'm looking to use data from Google but I can't figure out how to execute the toolbox project in order to pull down data and have it curated for the QC Lean local project.  I'm more comfortable with developing within Visual Studio because intellisense allows me to explore portions of the infrastructure within the confines of the immediate class file.  Given the lack of documentation beyond using some of the canned solutions this seems like the best way to go.


Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated. I'm ultimately looking to scan a universe or data set and identify items above a certain volume rate of change.  I want to use this as a way of getting my feet wet before fully automating trades.