For some months, I was using lean cli to try running a strategy locally. As I retooled a local environment for arm64 and containerd support (because lean doesn't provide it and wouldn't take support for it upstream), it seems something has been paywalled. 

I now get the following from a command that previously ran fine:
lean live strat --brokerage "Interactive Brokers" --data-feed "Interactive Brokers" <creds truncated>
Downloading 'QuantConnect.InteractiveBrokersBrokerage.2.5.14608.nupkg'
Error: Module subscription not found, please update your preferences in

Unfortunately, if QuantConnect is going to paywall features at its will, then it's not really open source now is it? The cost of trying to work with QuantConnect already seems high, so this notion of QuantConnect randomly paywalling features really breaks the freemium model.

Is it simply no longer possible to run this software locally?