I couldn't connect to the research environment since this early morning. Everytime when I try to launch my Jupyter notebook, it showed:

NameError                                 Traceback (most recent call last)
Cell In[1], line 22
     18 import tqdm
     20 # QuantBook Analysis Tool 
     21 # For more information see [https://www.quantconnect.com/docs/research/overview]
---> 22 qb = QuantBook()

NameError: name 'QuantBook' is not defined

with Kernel: `base`, and showed prompt message **Failed to connect remote Jupyter server**. I tried to switch the kernel to another working kernel such as `Default-Python-Framework`, but it showed nothing when I clicked the kernel block and see error message below in the browser console window:

Desire value  (Remote) Jupyter Kernel false


I've also checked the QuantConnect Status site and it seems nothing wrong with the server.

Is anyone having the same issue or any thing I should do to recover my remote Jupyter server?


Thank you.