Hi Everyone, I would like to introduce the LEAN Algorithm Monitor.

This tool is a community built desktop replacement for the (back)test result browser. Key features:

  • Realtime desktop-generated charts*
  • Support for QuantConnect Algorithm Lab API
  • Local streaming from LEAN
 Together with the Visual Studio plugin mentioned in the forums, I hope combined they evolve into a very interesting solution to develop your algorithms locally (with our without using QuantConnect as your backend). The tool is still in early development and might contain critical bugs. I encourage you to check it out. Please submit bugs and feature requests as an issue to the GitHub issues page. Contributions are welcomed! Please do as this is a community initiative ;).

Known limitations:

  • * It cannot stream live backtest results from QC.com due to a problem as result of the API implementation. Therefore, you can only open completed backtest results at the moment.
  • Live results are not implemented. This is planned for the future.