I would like to obtain the time zone of Time that is provided to the OnData(Slice slice) function.

The reason is as follows:

When running a backtest I see that S&P500 mini future starts trading at 18:00 on Sunday (first minute trade bar at 18:01), 

At CME Group website, trading hours are specified as "Sunday-Friday 6:00 p.m.-5:15 p.m. New York time/ET" so i deduce the time zone of Time is New York time/ET.

I want to recompute the value of Time to a DateTime in time zone CET, which incidently makes the trading hours Workdays 00:00-23:15 CET (actually 0:00 - 22:15, 22:30-23:15). So proper SW design requires a function that returns the time zone of Time.