First my apology if these question are too basic. I am pretty new to this world...

I have an algo ready to go live soon and have some questions about actually going to real time trading:

1- what are the out-of-pocket costs to running an algo? here is what I know so far:

  • algo hosting (QC) - monthly
  • broker's per share cost (looks like IB is the cheapest one with ¢0.005 per share?)
  • broker's monthly fees?
  • capital gain tax - seems to be about 40%?

Am I missing anything?

2- can I run my algo using a margin account?

3- are there other things that I should know about live trading? for example, laws/regulations that I should know (looks like HFT has its own regulations)? or performance/speed of different brokers? or any other information that could help me.


Thank you very much in advance.