I am new to the community and I am about to be followed by thousands of people. You see Quantopin just announced with only 30 days warning that they are killing off their entire live trading feature.


This means all of active live traders will be flocking anywhere and everywhere to migrate their trading systems. I am already noticing a problem trying to migrate to Quant Connect, as the ram usage seems to me a major factor with using any non trivially sized universe. On quantopian my live algos universe started with 1500 or 3000 every morning before filtering down.

Does anyone have any suggestions or relevant experiences for people like me whoa are trying to migrate over from Quantopian with minute level, large universe algos who does not want to see my costs go from $0.0 on quantopian to well over $100 per month on Quant Connect once I am done adding on ram? This is at least good news for QC and other competing services as they are about to get a great many desperate, paying customers...