I have asked these under one of my earlier posts but didn't get an answer for them (I couldn't find that thread because my profile only shows the last 5 posts).

1- does QC submit orders as ALL_OR_NONE? or they could be filled partially? (I see a partiallly fill status in the code but am not sure if it's actually used)

2- if partial fill exists and an order is partially filled, what happens to the rest of the order? for example if I have an order of 500 shares but 300 of it is filled, will LEAN (or the broker) keep the remaining 200 shares active until they are filled? or there is a way to void them? (didn't want to use the term cancel here)

3- how long will an order will be active for? is it DAY? GOOD_TIL_DATE? GOOD_UNTIL_CANCELED? or...?