Error running LEAN (python module)


I have tried succesfully to build and run a C# strategy. But when compiling (No errors) and running a Python Strategy QuantConnect.Lean.Launcher.exe exist with code error 1.

I think I have done all the steps indicated in github page but I miss something maybe.

My config is: VS2017 Community + Anaconda + python2.7 with panda package added (I put some capture . Any idea please??


Update Backtest

I was having a similar issue where VS would reconize Python but I was still getting an error that Lean could not find the .dll. I tried the above and reinstalled everything with no luck. Howerver, I was able to get it to work by going to Tools > NuGet Package Manager > Manage NuGet Packages for Solution then updated the packages and reinstalled QuantConnect.pythonnet to the entire project. I was able to build it and run a debug with no further issues. I spent many hours trying to figure this out and hope I can save someone else the time and headache!


I want to run a python script from within IntelliJ IDEA passing a file list as a parameter. I'm using menu Run->Edit Configurations->Script Parameters to define a file list using wildcards like: "../examples/*.jpg"

Inside the code I'm iterating the file list using a for loop like

for f in sys.argv[1:]:

Although the script executes fine from terminal, IDEA throws a file not found exception:

No such file or directory: '../examples/*.jpg'

I suppose this makes sense (my theory) since there is no shell involved to expand the command line argument into a file list prior passing it to the script.

There is an answer in a similar question here: Pycharm and sys.argv arguments The relevant answer using wildcards is but it is not working. (If I had enough rep I'd commented on this answer, sorry)

Any suggestion will make me happy!

PS: running OSX 10.11.6 (El Capitan)


Update Backtest


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