First of all thanks to QuantConnet team for their support in the migration process, that helps a lot in making the step quicker and easier. 

I was wondering if there is a way to easily replicate Quantopians's Q500US and Q1500US universes:

Q500US/Q1500US A universe containing approximately 500/1500 US equities each day whose constituents are chosen by selecting the top 500/1500 "tradeable" stocks by 200-day average dollar volume, capped at 30% of equities allocated to any single sector. 

Especially useful would also be default_us_equity_universe_mask

default_us_equity_universe_mask A function returning the default filter used to eliminate undesirable equities from a security universes:

  1. The stock must be the primary share class for its company.
  2. The company issuing the stock must have a minimum market capitalization of 'minimum_market_cap', defaulting to 500 Million.
  3. The stock must not be a depository receipt.
  4. The stock must not be traded over the counter (OTC).
  5. The stock must not be for a limited partnership.
  6. The stock must have a known previous-day close price.
  7. The stock must have had nonzero volume on the previous trading day.