There are enum objects in QC/Lean that I would like to know how to print. For instance, I would like to get the OrderEvent.Status Enum name. Here's the public OrderStatus Enum members:

public enum OrderStatus : System.Enum MemberDescriptionCanceledOrder cancelled before it was filledCancelPendingOrder waiting for confirmation of cancellationFilledCompleted, Filled, In Market Order.InvalidOrder invalidated before it hit the market (e.g. insufficient capital)..NewNew order pre-submission to the order processor.NoneNo Order State YetPartiallyFilledPartially filled, In Market Order.SubmittedOrder submitted to the market

I've tried the following to see the status of an order event:

def OnOrderEvent(self, order_event):
self.Log(str(order_event.Status)) # <-- Output: 3

What is returned is an integer, probably representing the index for a member element. I would imagine there is some way to pass that into a Enum object to get the name (e.g. self.OrderStatus[order_event.Status]). But I have had no luck finding anything like that.

How might one go about accessing the Enum members given an index?