So I have written a code here in C#. I connect to the broker and set the pair with this line:

  private Symbol _symbol = QuantConnect.Symbol.Create("BTCEUR", SecurityType.Crypto, Market.GDAX);

If I do the backtest there is no result, quantconnect wouldnt make any trades. But if I change the code to the BTCUSD pair with the following line:

 private Symbol _symbol = QuantConnect.Symbol.Create("BTCUSD", SecurityType.Crypto, Market.GDAX);

Now it works and alle the trades are shown in the backtest. The same happen with ETH: while ETHUSD has a perfect Backtest the ETHEUR pair would stay at the cash i set for the whole time.

Why is it that the EUR pairs wouldnt work?

Thanks in advance for any help or information!