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Hi Guys,
Quick question. Let's say I create a market order for a security using SetHoldings() function and immediatelly after that I create a stop market order using StopMarketOrder() function.

1) If I sell the security again using SetHoldings(security, 0). The stop order is instantly cancelled or I have to explicitly implement that?
2) If I rebalance my position and want to update the stop market order should I cancel the previous one or there already an update function?
Many thanks

Update Backtest

second qquestion is easy:

the documentation says:

# Creating an Order:
limitOrderTicket = self.LimitOrder("SPY", 100, 205)

# Updating an Order:
updateOrderFields = UpdateOrderFields()
updateOrderFields.LimitPrice = decimal.Decimal(207.50)

# Cancel an Order:

# Cancel all open orders from SPY
cancelledOrders = self.Transactions.CancelOpenOrders("SPY")

# Cancel order #10
cancelledOrder = self.Transactions.CancelOrder(10)

# Get open orders
openOrders = self.Transactions.GetOpenOrders()

# Get open orders from SPY
openOrders = self.Transactions.GetOpenOrders("SPY")

# Get open order #10
openOrder = self.Transactions.GetOrderById(10)

# Get all orders
orders = self.Transactions.GetOrders()

# Get order ticket #10
orderTicket = self.Transactions.GetOrderTicket(10)

# Get all orders tickets
openOrderTickets = self.Transactions.GetOrderTickets()


1) you would have to implement it i the example above because maybe you would want to go SHORT at this point?? who nows? only you

i mean its not a bracket order you would have to implement something like a bracket order


Cheers Michael.


if you need an idea how it should work thats an c# example

but you could copy the logic if you want and try that in python

Update Backtest


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