As Quantconnect is getting more popular since it provides broker connectivity compared to other platform, expanding to more brokers should be a central point for the business.

From the github seems like there is active development with Bitfinex and Kraken api and is a good thing IF gets implemented also on the Quantconnect website.

What about other Brokers for traditional markets? (alternative to Interactive Brokers for Stocks / ETF trading)

Unfortunately many users like myself cannot use Interactive Brokers since in some countries is not possible to opt out SLS,  so connection with Quantconnect is not possible and apart as a training exercise Quantconnect platform has no use for me.

Other brokers implemented, also, are not really global I cannot use FXCM and GDAX for example.

I know that there is LEAN as an OpenSource alternative but the Quantconnect platform to be truly global needs more broker options to be implemented on the website itself, any plans Jared Broad  and team?