Does self.SetHoldings() require a string or a Security object?

I'm a little confused by some of the documentation (trading-and-orders) and I was hoping someone could clarify quickly for me.

The documentation shows:

# Set fixed percentages of known tickers:
self.SetHoldings("IBM", 0.25)
self.SetHoldings("GOOG", 0.25)
self.SetHoldings("AAPL", 0.25)
self.SetHoldings("MSFT", 0.25)

so it appears that we give SetHoldings() the ticker symbol as a string. However, a little bit higher in the documentation it states:

self.SetHoldings(Symbol symbol, double percentage, bool liquidateExistingHoldings = false)

Which to me indicates that we should be giving it a Security object (unique security identifier).

Or is it the case that we can use either a string or unique security identifier.

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When using SetHoldings(), both the Symbol class object and the ticker as a string can be used to identify to company. While the Symbol class directly identifies the company, the ticker as a string is a reference to the company at its current point in time.


Thank you for the clarification, and apologies, I think when I said "security object" I should have said "symbol class object" as you have pointed out. Much appreciated.


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