Sys Time Wrong?


I'm trying to use DateTime ,but the system is showing me wrong dates (today is the 24th). it shows me the sys date is yesterday , and History shows me other dates.


today =
yesterday = today - timedelta(1)

self.History(["AAPL"], 2, Resolution.Daily)

I get:

symbol time
AAPL 2018-07-20 189.69 192.55 189.69 191.97 10759095.0
2018-07-21 191.76 192.50 190.17 191.67 12492459.0
Update Backtest

Hi, it is easier to provide support when there is an algorithm attached. When testing and today = today-timedelta(1), the correct values were outputted. With regards to the historical data request, the daily resolution data contains the trade bar of the full previous day. So in the algorithm below the last two days of daily data was received, as expected.


Hi ,as you can see in the output I got:

The 21st was Saturday ,which is no a trading day.


Yes; this is because the full trading day of Friday ends on Saturday. The daily data received will reference the day before because that is the last complete trading day. 


Thanks Gurumeher 


Update Backtest


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