Every day scan S&P 500 portfolio with following criteria to prepare for the potential stocks to trade
    Previous day volume by $ greater than USD 100 million
    Previous day volatility less than 1
    Volatility  = ((high-low)*100)/((high+low)/2)
Observe the first 15 minutes candlestick for the qualified stocks from above stock selection criteria and 
    If  condition [[  First candle close(15 min) > previous day high
                  and First candle close > (high+low)/2                       
                  and high*0.99 < low   ]]  is met 
        Put Order as below 
            Stock - qualified stock
            Buy price = first candle high * 1.001
            Quantity = floor($10000/bid) #fixed amount for now!.

IF order placed then Sell at price = buy price *1.015 or first candle low*0.9995 or end of the day 
      (whichever is earlier)

Profit = (sell price - buy price)*quantity-2.5

This is to get started so I can start buildilng stuff around it. Ultimately I intend to execute couple of similar algos on interactive brokers. 

Will greatly appreciate your help!.