Let's say you have a number (>1) of alpha models (passed into a CompositeAlphaModel) and a portfolio construction model that takes the average direction*confidence of the alphas's latest generated insights to generate asset weights.

When you first start your test, the first alpha that generates an insight will have weight 100% assigned to its insight, which is unlikely to be intended behaviour.

As such, you might want to count the number of alphas stored in CompositeAlphaModel's _alphaModels property, and ideally be able to access this count from inside your portfolio construction model. This way, you can weight the first incoming insight appropriately.

Right now, there's no way to access this count, other than manually inputting the number of alphas present inside your portfolio construction model.

Is there a better solution to this problem or is this a feature that would be in line with the intended behaviour of the Framework approach?