I would like to perform a premarket search of all stocks where.... 


the float is less than 40,000,000

the stock has news

the price is between 2 and 8 dollars

the premarket volume is between 50,000 and 1,750,000

the premarket gap is a minimum of 15% 


after the stocks are found, i would like to search the daily chart for each of these to check where yesterdays close > 50 ema, and 50ema > 200ema




next i would like to understand how to ONLY take a trade if the price (during market hours) passes the premarket high


if i am in the trade, set me stop loss at the lesser of (price - 10 cents) or the low of the previous 5 minute candle.


profit target is set to a minimum of 2/1


if the first profit target is hit, scalp the trade by selling 50% at the 2/1 profit target, and update the stop loss to the average purchase price.


next profit target is 4 cents (scalp another 50%)

update stop loss to the first profit target


next profit target is 3 cents (scalp another 50%)

update stop loss to the 2nd profit target.


from here each 3 cents scalp 20% more until less than 10 remains in position size.




is QuantConnect capable of doing this? where can i learn how to do this?