Hi Quantconnect,

Firstly, thank for your support. With your help, I can do some simple example with Quantconnect.

But I met another issues, please give me some advise.

1. About TimeSpan.FromDays(7), my target is running this code for stock, it only work 5 day per week.

So in the input value of TimeSpan.FromDays(7) is it 7 or 5?

2. About the ATR, I create one daily ATR and Register it in to week, but it fail.

ATR can not Register like example you gave me.

3.How can I call to get the data from previous, like on 2015/04/02 I call back to check data of the day 2015/04/01.

4. On the method OnData(TradeBars data), I want to get the value open,close,high,close of this day or week but don't know how.

5. Do you have any easy way to debug Quantconnect, like print or some think like that

I attach my project as below, please give me some advise.



P/S: I post on my old topic but no respond, please help me