Incorrect values for SMA

When I run this code in initialize:


self.spy = self.Securities["SPY"].Price

self.spy_mavg = self.SMA("SPY", 10, Resolution.Daily, Field.Close)

And this code on market open:

spy_price = float(str(self.Securities["SPY"].Price))
spy_mavg = float(str(self.spy_mavg))

if (spy_price < spy_mavg):

#run method code

The spy_mavg is significantly less than what I know is correct. What about the above code would cause the Simple Moving Average for SPY to be incorrect? Finaly tidbit: I'm running this code live to IBKR and using their data (I do have the appropriate subscription). Should run live using QC's data? Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Update Backtest


If you're able to attach a backtest, that would help enormously. I'm in particular interested in your start date (it could be trying to warm up using non-existent data). Also, what is the SMA value reported and what are you expecting? I'm interested in whether the difference is orders of magnitude (indicating missing data) or a few decimal points (indicating something more benign).


Part of the issue is that the data in backtests are correct and the data live trading is incorrect. Example: I using the same code for VXX I get a backtest value of 44 and a live trading value of 38. Any theories as to why there wouldn't be parody?


Update Backtest


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