Hi quants,

I'm a bit confused about getting the user interface on Ubuntu. I have followed the Linux instructions on 


which seemed to have worked like a charm (with the exception of switching "xbuild" which is deprecated to "msbuild".)

However, when I run the launcher with:

mono ./QuantConnect.Lean.Launcher.exe

I get the long output ending with:

20190404 14:08:00.246 Trace:: BacktestingResultHandler.Run(): Ending Thread...
20190404 14:08:00.274 Trace:: DefaultAlphaHandler.Run(): Ending Thread...
20190404 14:08:00.343 Trace:: Waiting for threads to exit...
20190404 14:08:00.343 Trace:: Engine.Run(): Disconnecting from brokerage...
20190404 14:08:00.343 Trace:: Engine.Run(): Disposing of setup handler...
20190404 14:08:00.344 Trace:: Engine.Main(): Analysis Completed and Results Posted.
Engine.Main(): Analysis Complete. Press any key to continue.

It seems like the launcher does indeed run the back-test on some default algorithm, and give the results, but how do I get the actual interface (similar to the one website)? 

Sorry if I'm missing something basic and obvious, but I'm new to this so I would appreciate any help!