I have two issues with the API:

  1. I'm trying to access my deployment's logs but the return is empty.
  2. The ReadLiveAlgorithm function returns only the last ~25 minutes worth of a chart, since it (probably) defaults to the highest resolution. It should be possible to get a lower resolution and hence get more data.
using System;

using QuantConnect.Api;

namespace LeanApiTool
class Program
static void Main( string[] args )

// Create and initialise connection
var qc = new Api();
qc.Initialize( redacted, "redacted", "notused" );

// Check for successful connection
if ( !qc.Connected )
throw new Exception( "API connection unsuccessful!" );

// Read live algo
var liveResult = qc.ReadLiveAlgorithm( 2543382, "6ae060032eaa51b16a1ac8871f538c26" );

// Read logs
var logs = qc.ReadLiveLogs( 2543382, "6ae060032eaa51b16a1ac8871f538c26", DateTime.Parse( "14 Apr 2019" ), DateTime.Parse( "20 Apr 2019" ) );

There's definitely logs between these two dates - I have also tried to run that function without any date range - same empty result. The deploy ID and hash are correct as the ReadLiveAlgorithm returns a correct set of data.