Does someone have insight into how a simulated trade pair like this would typically go down in real life? Of course a 1000-contract option purchase will move prices by an undefined amount (though the purchase is theoretically just $1000), BUT does anyone have some experience with the typical/likely order of magnitudes of price shift that could be expected?
 Would you expect this 60x gain on paper to MOST LIKELY come out more like 30, 15, 5x?
 In general, what's the max # of options that I can assume won't move the market too much?

  2018-09-18 10:00:00 C 180921C00074000  Market  $0.01 USD  1,000  Buy  Filled

  2018-09-20 12:32:00  C 180921C00074000  Market  $0.60 USD  -1,000  Sell  Filled