Hey folks,

I wrote a pretty genius 398 lines of code that backtests about 550% gains YOY - although it would perform significanltly different in forward/live tests, because data is delayed by a day or two, I'm currently running it on IBKR test funds and it seems to be net net gains, but that's been <1wk. Either way, I'd like to bring it here to work Alpha magic and earn some income while I don't have funds to invest, 

It hinges on the ability to pull data from a static site's 'screener' function, along with csrfmiddlewaretoken.. but the idea dies when I try to build the Python here as I can't from bs4 import BeautifulSoup (errors out). Is there a way to pull different libraries into QC?

If that's not possible, I can write a middle app that pulls the current / backtest info by date into CSVs. I can't figure out how to combine these CSVs (could learn?) so there's a CSV by date, I can upload these to DropBox but I can't seem to find out how to list / download all via DropBox API unless I use their SDK which I again can't import to QC.

I'm also worried the free tier backtester instances wouldn't be enough to run the backtest, whcih has data from about halfway through 2018 til now.. as it'd involve many, many equities.

Thanks in advance for your help,