I'm just finishing opening an account with IB in Canada, and I subscribed to QuantConnect since I can't use Tradier as a non-US resident. Besides the active community responses, one of the things that drove me to QC over Quantopian was seeing the following on the Quantopian website: https://www.quantopian.com/help#overview-livetrading

So that leads to the following questions:

* How does QC store your IB login?

* Does QC make this easier or suggest it anywhere? Quantopian: "We strongly recommend that you run your algorithm against IB's paper trading mode before running it against a real money account. IB paper trading is a good test to help find lingering bugs. Once you're satisfied with the paper trading performance, you should stop the live algorithm and re-launch it against your real money IB account."

* Are there any known issues with IB integration? E.g. always defaulting to smart routing with no way to pick IEX, for example?

* Are there any known issues with live trading, as mentioned on Quantopian's page? I assume with a dedicated VM there might be more leeway to fix issues, but at the same time, as a paranoid sysadmin myself, I'm wishing I could SSH myself and set my own alerts or monitoring software. :)

* Is there a mailing list I could subscribe to for breaking changes or release notes? As mentioned earlier (July 19th maybe) a new release ended up changing the functionality of code. These things happen, and as a programmer, I get it. But aside from monitoring every single GitHub commit and wondering when the code gets pushed live, is there any advice or update list you might have? Alternatively, could we opt in to a mode that runs the latest code with paper money first (e.g. a different IB account) or manually deploy new code? I know, nothing's perfect, and fixing bugs faster by getting new code out there is better, but I wonder if you've any thoughts on this? The same problems -- shipping bugs or different behaviour and needing to test it -- is why paper trading mode is recommended by Quantopian. I wonder if maybe this could be made easier here, if it isn't already.

* Which leads me to my last idea -- automatic testing of algorithms on new code releases or algorithm changes. Is that something that could be done with new releases? I know it's not perfect, but maybe it would highlight differences in behaviour before users notice them. Again, I'm typing out of ignorance here, having never used QC nor even IB at this point, but it's always nice to get signals on outcomes before acting ;-)

* SMS and Email in algo is nice, but (a) I really want push notifications to my phone, would I be able to do so in a separate thread, e.g. async https?) and (b) I second the request for a status page or additional info on how my instance is running, etc. The big advantage to QuantConnect running things is ease-of-deployment, great data and automatic updates. The downside is less control over QA, fewer alerts and automatic updates ;-)

* And finally, what are "points" in the Community Leaders section, and why aren't community algorithms highlighted more? It'd be fantastic to have a small library of community algorithms recommended to me to get started with, particularly those that may not offer the most returns (or any) but which can be trusted with your money in a live environment. E.g. rebalancing ones, less HFT ones. My initial thought was to simply automate pulling out or rebalancing a basket of ETFs as a couch potato and help me track their performance over time. But I'm not sure how easy it might be to incorporate 200-day rolling averages, for instance, as it sounds like back data isn't being used yet when doing a fresh live trading deploy?



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