Hi all,


the following notebook fails:


%matplotlib inline # Imports from clr import AddReference AddReference("System") AddReference("QuantConnect.Common") AddReference("QuantConnect.Jupyter") AddReference("QuantConnect.Indicators") from System import * from QuantConnect import * from QuantConnect.Data.Custom import * from QuantConnect.Data.Market import TradeBar, QuoteBar from QuantConnect.Jupyter import * from QuantConnect.Indicators import * from datetime import datetime, timedelta import matplotlib.pyplot as plt import pandas as pd # Create an instance qb = QuantBook() # Select asset data assets = ["SPY", "EURUSD", "BTCUSD", "GOOG", "ES", "XAUUSD"] spy = qb.AddEquity("SPY") # add equity data eur = qb.AddForex("EURUSD") # add forex data btc = qb.AddCrypto("BTCUSD") # add crypto data goog = qb.AddOption("GOOG") # add goog options es = qb.AddFuture("ES") # add SP 500 futures xau = qb.AddCfd("XAUUSD", Resolution.Minute, Market.Oanda) # Gets historical data from the subscribed assets, the last 360 datapoints with daily resolution h1 = qb.History(qb.Securities.Keys, 360, Resolution.Daily) # Plot closing prices from "SPY" for s in assets: h1.loc[s]["close"].plot()


fails with error:

the label [GOOG] is not in the [index]


but this seems to be accordingly the documentation:


Why is this failing?