Hi all,

I have created an algo which simply follows the market. Reverse or Directional. For example, you simply chose an equity and algo will trade it. The returns chart will be similar to the price chart of the equity and highly correlated. It's like SPY vs SPX correlation which means, works like an ETF.

In the other hand, if equity lose during this time, algo will lose too. This is a buy only algo and works with stocks, futures, forex and every other tradable assets. If you like to go reverse of the equitie's chart, algo will short instead of long.

Ok here's the point of this post. Are such algos common or unusual? And useful?

Here are some screenshots


Total pos: 503 / 25.49%
Won: 321 / 63.82%
Lost: 181
Max won: 13.860000000000014
Max lost: 17.610000000000014
Longs / wins: 503 321
Shorts / wins: 0 0
Avg. Profit: 1.69028
Avg. Loss: 1.78308
Hold Min/Max/Avg/Total: 1 29 2 1404
RRR: 0.95
Profit Factor: 1.68
Profit: 219.8426
Profit Mean: 0.4379334661354569
Profit STD: 2.5392883804560413

BUY & HOLD : 172.13 USD
ALGO Returns : 219.84 USD
Diff : 47.71 USD