Locally on my PC I am trying to get live data feed working from interactive broker. I noticed that config.json file provides following config to work with interactive broker. Also there is username/pw etc in config.json to connect with IB which works fine for me. However when I try to run live for testing on demo account I get runtime exception due the fact that LiveDataQueue is not implemented. Following is what exist in the config.json file.

"live-interactive": {

"live-mode": true,

// real brokerage implementations require the BrokerageTransactionHandler

"live-mode-brokerage": "InteractiveBrokersBrokerage",

"setup-handler": "QuantConnect.Lean.Engine.Setup.BrokerageSetupHandler",

"result-handler": "QuantConnect.Lean.Engine.Results.ConsoleResultHandler",

"data-feed-handler": "QuantConnect.Lean.Engine.DataFeeds.LiveTradingDataFeed",

"data-queue-handler": "QuantConnect.Lean.Engine.DataFeeds.Queues.LiveDataQueue",

"real-time-handler": "QuantConnect.Lean.Engine.RealTime.LiveTradingRealTimeHandler",

"transaction-handler": "QuantConnect.Lean.Engine.TransactionHandlers.BrokerageTransactionHandler"


I noticed that there are some implementation of LiveDataQueue for IB in following class so I tried following config. Is changing "data-queue-handler" as following line right thing to do ? If not can someone guide for implementing live data feed from IB (I know that they don't have real tick data but granularity is okay for me ).

"data-queue-handler": "QuantConnect.Brokerages.InteractiveBrokers.InteractiveBrokersBrokerage",