This platform is great! Thanks to the creators and participants! 

I've run into something that feels like a blocker to me though.

After searching through the community boards, documentation, google, and youtube to figure out how to visualize the results of backtests on a price chart I'm just stuck.

Some have posted comments that state, "the resulting data set is too large to run in a browser" and this makes sense to me. However it seems like there should be a way to do this (and it disappoints me that this isn't already a feature of a platform like this. By way of comparison, MT4 has these features buit into it but it has it's own issues).


Has anyone figured out how to produce a visualization of backtest trades on a price chart?


If so, can you point me to information that may have some insights on how to do this?

If not, I'm a software engineer (I write GoLang for backend and Javascript for frontend at my day job). I was thinking I might be able to use some spare time, the TradingView charting library, some kind of embedded database, and ElectronJS to build something that will render the charts for us from QC/Lean data.

To do this I would (at the minimum) need:
1. The price data (which I think QC provides - I've not looked inside the zipped data files that QC has under the data section so I'm not 100% sure of this yet but it seems like it would be a good source).

2. The trade data that LEAN provides (I recall seeing something about a JSON file that outputs all the trade data while skimming through some of the community posts. But, I've not dug deep into how to get that data yet).

Before I start building something to do this I'm really hoping that someone else has already figured out a way to visualize this data. I'd rather be focused on making trading algorythms but I believe I need to be able to see what my algo is doing in order to move forward.


I'd really like to know if others care about having this feature. It seems like a few do but maybe there isn't enough support (or actual need) for the idea to pursue it's creation.

Any thoughts you have on this are appreciated!