I have successfully installed Lean on CentOS 7 VPS.  Initially, I tried to install latest versions of all the dependencies with no success.  Later, I installed everything with exact versions for all the dependencies and installation was smooth.  Particularly for miniconda, pythpn and pandas  :-(.

I could al;so successfully run first built-in csharp algorithm and then python algorithm.

Now, how do I move to next step?

I want to take some algo from hear to my Lean installation and run there with increased limits like number of trades (10000+), use some helper python library for data persistent, few other things. 

I would like to know:

1.   what all files I need to copy from here to there and

2.  where do I have to place those files? 

3.  What to change in config.json? 

4.  Do I need to rebuild entrie solution every time I change algorithm? (run msbuild command)

5.  Can I attach that backtest over here for your feedback/review/comments?  If yes, how?

6.  How do I integrate live trading with OandA (first in my demo account and later in live fxtrade V2 account)? 

7  Where and/or how can I find more information on questions like these so I need not bother anyone?

PS:   Apologies for posting the same message with new subject/heading as earlier one did not receive any response..

Thank you in advance.