I'm testing a buy & hold strategy on the SPY as a total return symbol, but I'm having trouble coding this properly. Would you mind taking a look at my project for me?

The probable operative code follows, which is my only reference to "DataNormalizationMode.TotalReturn".

AddSecurity(SecurityType.Equity, symbol, Resolution.Minute);


When I run the buy & hold SPY test from Dec 28, 2009 through July 28, 2015 I generate less than the SPX Benchmark does on QC for the same period, and my ending portfolio value approximates that for the SPY on Dividend Channel (DC) without dividend reinvestment. The QC Benchmark for SPX generates $211,500 over this period which matches that on DC.

So I anticipate I am not buying the SPY as a total return symbol in my code. Can you show me how to do this? I suspect I am missing either an important reference or concept....

Thank you very much!