In a test algorithm, I'm calling this in Initialize

self.AddForex('EURJPY', Resolution.Daily, Market.Oanda)

Then in OnData I call this

for key in self.Securities.Keys: self.Log(key)

And it returns 3 values (the first 2 of which will cause Lean to error out if I try to access it)

'EURUSD 8G' # Where is this coming from? 'USDJPY 8G' # Where is this coming from? 'EURJPY' # This is the only one I'm expecting

I then try to progamatically access data with these self.Securities.Keys and get an error: 'EURUSD 8G' wasn't found in the TradeBars object

Does anyone know why this is happening? Am I doing something wrong? Should I be accessing my symbols' data another way?

Thanks in advance!