Hi guys, i am new but i am overwhlem by how great Quantconnect with VS is !!

previously was using QC web.. didn't get use to doing coding in browser... everything was slow and looking at documentation/classes/methods/interfiles is a hassles.

i need some help understanding how to handle MACD 

public override void Initialize()

            foreach (var ForexPair in _pairs)
                _symbols.Add(AddForex(ForexPair, Resolution.Minute, "OANDA", leverage: _leverage).Symbol);
                _macd = MACD(ForexPair, 12, 26, 9, MovingAverageType.Exponential, Resolution.Minute);
                _macdDic.Add(ForexPair, _macd); //MACD value is return here.


  public override void OnData(Slice data)

foreach (string ForexPair in _symbols) //as you can see i have many forexpairs.

                        var tolerance = 0.0025m;

                        Debug(_macd[ForexPair].Histogram); << doing this will give me error. how do i access different forex pairs _macd values?
                        Debug(_macdDic[ForexPair]); << while this is ok as MACD return values is already store d in Initialize()



as for shortselling in forex how do i do it correctly

X = "EURUSD" // etc etc


  SetHoldings(X, 0.01); //execute buy by pecentage

var s = Securities[X].Holdings;

below are 2 method to sell or close.

 Liquidate(X); //execute close << this is ok

MarketOrder(X, s.Quantity);  <<< this is not working correctly for me any idea...

i would like MarketOrder to work as this can close partial trade quantity, doing a reversal trade as well etc.. more flexible.


thanks for reading.