Hi all,

Being brand new in QC's community, I'd have a few questions to start the journey. Please find them here below:

1) what is the smallest timeframe one might reasonably live trade on with QC/Lean? Is there an important latency when using Python for coding?

2) what would you recommend in order for me to cover the entire process (data sourcing, scripting of a very basic strategy, backtesting and live (paper) trading) in one day? (if this is possible) Do examples/templates already exist?

3) under which conditions is it possible to use QC's database if I used Lean on a local server in the longer term?

4) is there a contract with QC for the use of the platform/services and IP?

5) do certain users also use Matlab in combination with QC (converting matlab files into python/C)? How does the QC platform compare with what's made available/possible in Matlab?

Thanks for the support!