I trade earning announcements and use pre-market data. My strategy is not fully automated because I need to manually submit 10-15 symbols for long entry and 10-15 for short entry the previous night - so, every day, my strategy trades a different set of symbols. My algo also looks at 30 minutes of pre-market data (9-9:30am).

1) Do you provide pre-market data (ideally minute, but 5-min or 10-min is also fine)? How do i access it?

2) Is there some UI library/code/module to easily enter a symbol list every night for long and short (without having to hack the code in my live algo)? If not, pl advise on the easiest approach - a csv file in dropbox?

3) How do i prevent my algo from trading the same security the 2nd day? Not sure how to code so it only trades the most recent symbol list provided so long as earnings are within 1-2 days?