Good Day,

Forgive me if this question has already been answered, believe me I have check...

How do I update the following indicators with QuoteBar.EndTime and QuoteBar.Close and not QuoteBar:

AverageDirectionalIndex.Update(QuoteBar.EndTime, QuoteBar.Close)
Stochastic.Update(QuoteBar.EndTime, QuoteBar.Close)
CommodityChannelIndex.Update(QuoteBar.EndTime, QuoteBar.Close)
UltimateOscillator.Update(QuoteBar.EndTime, QuoteBar.Close)
ParabolicStopAndReverse.Update(QuoteBar.EndTime, QuoteBar.Close)

The above mentioned indicator does not support Update(DateTime, decimal) method overload and I'm forced to use Update(IBaseData) ... How do I change that I want the indicator to update based on QuoteBar.Close and not QuoteBar.Value...

or better yet, my assumption is that the Update of the indicator is based on QuoteBar.Value, why is that, why not QuoteBar.Close?