import numpy as np
#From strategy library
class BetaAlgorithm(QCAlgorithm):

def Initialize(self):
self.SetStartDate(2016, 1, 1) # Set Start Date
self.SetEndDate(2017, 1, 1) # Set End Date
self.SetCash(10000) # Set Strategy Cash

# Dow 30 companies.
self.symbols = [self.AddEquity(ticker).Symbol
for ticker in ['AAPL', 'AXP', 'BA', 'CAT', 'CSCO', 'CVX', 'DD',
'DIS', 'GE', 'GS', 'HD', 'IBM', 'INTC', 'JPM',
'KO', 'MCD', 'MMM', 'MRK', 'MSFT', 'NKE', 'PFE',
'PG', 'TRV', 'UNH', 'UTX', 'V', 'VZ', 'WMT', 'XOM'] ]

# Benchmark
self.benchmark = Symbol.Create('SPY', SecurityType.Equity, Market.USA)

# Set number days to trace back
self.lookback = 21

# Schedule Event: trigger the event at the begining of each month.

def Rebalance(self):

# Fetch the historical data to perform the linear regression
history = self.History(
self.symbols + [self.benchmark],

symbols = self.SelectSymbols(history)

# Liquidate positions that are not held by selected symbols
for holdings in self.Portfolio.Values:
symbol = holdings.Symbol
if symbol not in symbols and holdings.Invested:

# Invest 100% in the selected symbols
for symbol in symbols:
self.SetHoldings(symbol, 1)

def SelectSymbols(self, history):
'''Select symbols with the highest intercept/alpha to the benchmark
alphas = dict()

# Get the benchmark returns
benchmark = history[self.benchmark].pct_change().dropna()

# Conducts linear regression for each symbol and save the intercept/alpha
for symbol in self.symbols:

# Get the security returns
returns = history[symbol].pct_change().dropna()
returns = np.vstack([returns, np.ones(len(returns))]).T

# Simple linear regression function in Numpy
result = np.linalg.lstsq(returns, benchmark)
alphas[symbol] = result[0][1]

# Select symbols with the highest intercept/alpha to the benchmark
selected = sorted(alphas.items(), key=lambda x: x[1], reverse=True)[:2]
return [x[0] for x in selected]

Hello everyone, I am new to QuantConnect and I am having difficulty implementing stop losses for this algorithm I cloned from the strategy library. How can I put a normal stop loss and/or a trailing stop loss into the algorithm to limit losses? Thanks for the help in advance.