Hello Everyone!

A great resource to take advantage of is our Strategy Library, where we take strategies from academic papers and implement them using our platform. Typically, we source our strategies from Quantpedia’s Free Strategies, SSRN, and arXiv, and we pick and implement strategies that look interesting to us. 

However, we would love to also implement strategies suggested by the community! This way, we can provide algorithms that give the most value to our users.

To make a suggestion for a strategy to be implemented, please do the following:

  1. Skim the Strategy Library and the replies below to see if the strategy or suggestion already exists.

  2. Write a description of the strategy. 

  3. (Optional) Provide a link to a paper on the strategy. Although this is an optional step, this will greatly increase the likelihood of a strategy being implemented.

  4. Reply to this post with 2) and 3).

However, you may also contribute ways other than suggestions, as you can help choose the strategies we implement with your vote! Feel free to vote on the strategies posted by other users that interest you, and the strategies with the most votes will be the ones most likely to be implemented.

Or if you’d like, you can even develop and add strategies to the Strategy Library directly! We provide the workflow for developing a strategy here and the contributing guidelines here

Shile Wen