I'm having an issue with my algorithm requesting historical data.


The error: "GOOG 190705C01185000: The security does not have an accurate price as it has not yet received a bar of data. Before placing a trade (or using SetHoldings) warm up your algorithm with SetWarmup, or use slice.Contains(symbol) to confirm the Slice object has price before using the data. Data does not necessarily all arrive at the same time so your algorithm should confirm the data is ready before using it. In live trading this can mean you do not have an active subscription to the asset class you're trying to trade. If using custom data make sure you've set the 'Value' property."


is under my backtest "Security Doesn't Have a Bar of Data Error."


I'm not sure why this is happening since I'm requesting the historical data, rather than using a warm-up period since I have no technical indicators yet, but I tried fixing it using "self.SetWarmUp(100)" and that same function using timedelta instead of trading bars, but both gave me "the object you're referencing has no instance," or some error like that even though I imported timedelta from datetime at the beginning of my algo and put the warm-up period code in the initialize section.


Should I just ignore this error, or how can I fix it.


Thanks so much,