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Hello All,
Is there any way use a debugger in QuantConnect? I'd like to use breakpoints and a watchlist.
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There is no debugger as far as I know - your best bet is to use carefully placed Log or Debug calls. I would very much love to have debugger functionality too!

Argh?!  No debugger/debugging?  As a software engineer, trying to work without a debugger makes QC a non-starter.  log/debug comments for debugging put me back to the 1982 TRS-80 days.  Major bummer.  At least with NinjaTrader I can use Visual Studio to debug.  I may have to stick with that platform instead.  :(


You can basically up your own local environment and run Lean inside MSVS to have regular breakpoint debugging (there are instructions floating around both in forums and some documentation IIRC). It does take a bit more effort to get started, primarily because it requires you to download data.

I find the lack of breakpoints to be OK depending on what I do. If I can write components and test them in NUnit outside Lean then I will do that to get regular breakpoints. Debugging the "glue layer" (QCAlgorithm) with Debug/Log statements isn't perfect, but it's workable.


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