Hi everyone,

I have just spent some time getting the lean engine to work on my local system.

I am running Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS. I have followed the instructions here: 


Everything works fine in terms of running the sample backtest. (I successfully compiled and run locally, and used the docker approach to running the lean engine)

I am able to see the command line results, and I see log files produced by the backtest.

But my question is this: How do I view the graphs produced by the lean engine by calls such as self.Plot?

I am looking for a result somewhat like what is seen in this video: 


I realize this video is several years old and the author says that is deprecated, but is there a similar way to see the graphs produced by my backtest? Is the method different for running natively on the OS vs. running the Lean engine in a docker container?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.