I'm new to Quantconnect and algo trading in general, and may have only intermediate Python programming skills. I thought I'd practice by trying to code a strategy I read in a book "Automated Stock Trading Systems". I'm trying to do it in parts but running into trouble relatively early. The strategy calls for:

Universe: average dollar volume > 50M and Price >$5.

Setup: S&P > 100 SMA and

Stock 25EMA > 50EMA, ranked by the highest rate of change over 200 trading days. Take top 10 stocks in equal weighting.

Stop-Loss: 5xATR with trailing stop loss of 25%.


I've tried to code the first part, using a Coarse universe filter and then creating EMA filters using a SelectionData class, similar to the BootCamp guide. However, I'm getting most of the stocks with the error "No data loaded because there were no tradeable dates for this security"

I'm also skeptical as to whether I'm doing the universe selection correctly. Is there a faster or more efficient way to do what I'm trying to do?


Thanks in advance!